Ryanair atceļ visas iespējas nemaksāt papildus nodevas

Ryanair šodien paziņoja, ka atcels visas iespējas izvairīties no kredītkartes papildus maksas + palielinās apkalpošanas maksu par 2%.

Sākot 30.novembri kartes apkalpošanas maksa biļetes cenu palielinās par 2%, kā arī VISĀM kartēm nāksies maksāt 6£/€ par kartes izmantošanu. Mastercard Prepaid un Ryanair Cash Passport turētājiem ir ieviests pārejas periods līdz  21.martam 2013. Vairāk info no paša Ryanair:

Ryanair Introduces 2% Credit Card Fee To Comply With UK OFT Ruling

Ryanair, Europe’s only ultra-low cost airline, today (28 Nov) announced that in order to comply with the UK Office of Fair Trading’s recent ruling on credit card fees it will introduce an avoidable 2% credit card processing fee on all new credit card bookings made from 30 November, to cover credit card payment costs.
Ryanair’s 2% credit card fee can be avoided by using debit cards (including Ryanair Cash Passport cards) or German ELV transfer.
In addition, Ryanair’s €6/£6 admin fee (which covers costs associated with Ryanair’s website, www.ryanair.com) will apply to all new bookings made from 30 November, except those bookings made using a Ryanair Cash Passport in Ireland, Germany and Spain, where admin fees can be avoided until 1 February, 15 February and 21 March 2013, respectively.
This will bring all of Ryanair’s European operations in line with its UK procedures, following the OFT’s ruling.
Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara, said:
“Ryanair continues to deliver the lowest fares and a no fuel surcharges guarantee to all our passengers. However, to cover our credit card processing costs and to comply with the UK OFT’s recent ruling, we are introducing a 2% credit card handling fee from 30 November 2012. Passengers can avoid credit card fees by paying for their ultra-low fares with a debit card or a German ELV transfer.

From 30th November, admin fees (€6/£6) will apply to all new bookings, except bookings made with a Ryanair Cash Passport card in Ireland, Germany and Spain where Cash Passport cardholders can continue to avoid admin fees until 1February, 15 February and 21 March respectively.”

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